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Steel And Stainless Steel Products

One of the most crucial metals utilized in the industrial sector is steel, hence we provide steel and stainless steel products. The metal is one among the most expensive in the business due to its strong demand.

Aluminium Products

Our Aluminium Products are made from alloys that are resistant to corrosive, weathering, and UV ray damage, ensuring great performance throughout a very long lifespan. Aluminum is less expensive, easier to transport, and easier to handle on the job site because of its low weight.

Copper Products

Numerous uses for COPPER PRODUCTS exist, and at this site, we work to address each and every one of them. You may order from us based on your needs, whether you are looking for a copper rectangular bar or something a bit more complicated.


Stainless Steel Flanges

Industries including transportation, gas, water, food, and beverage depend on stainless steel flanges. Production is accelerated by the use of flanges. Every business may use our stock because it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Pipes And Pipe Fittings

Because they make it simple to join various pipes, PIPES AND PIPE FITTINGS are crucial. In accordance with your demands and dimensions, we provide a variety of pipe connections. There is an enormous selection of fittings if you are seeking for pipes.

Inconel Products

For high-quality, oxidation-resistant end products, INCONEL PRODUCTS is frequently used in the forging industry. The reason for this is that industries that employ forging materials frequently experience corrosion. People have used these goods in a variety of applications because they considered them to be both practical and beneficial.


Industrial Welding Electrodes

Due to their significant tensile and yield strength, ability to tolerate long-lasting arcs, and ability to weld low alloy and galvanized steel, these INDUSTRIAL WELDING ELECTRODES are in high demand. The manufacturing and automotive industries both utilize these electrodes extensively.

Stainless Steel Wire

We provide stainless steel wires, which are widely utilized in both industrial and commercial settings. Stainless steel, which provides some amount of resistance to rust and corrosion, is made by mixing chromium with steel. These are strong and long-lasting, and come in industry standard.

Copper Fitting

We provide copper fittings, which are widely utilized in a variety of goods because of their great thermal and electrical conductivity, high formability, strong strength, and corrosion resistance. The texture and gloss of these fittings may be polished and buff to nearly any desired level.


Metal And Phosphor Bronze Products

Copper, tin, and phosphorus are alloyed to create metal and phosphor bronze products. One of the oldest metal alloys in the world, the alloy has strong corrosion resistance, are incredibly adaptable, and comes in a wide range of uses.

Stainless Steel Coils

The most prevalent and adaptable type of stainless steel is available in coil form. The processing of food and beverages, manufacturing, the production of medicines, the manufacture of medical equipment, and the manufacture of electronics all require these stainless steel coils.

SS Round Bars

SS ROUND BARS enable them to be utilized in a range of conditions in addition to their resistance to corrosion. The alloy found in these bars is used to make a wide range of commercial and consumer goods.

Industrial Nuts
Copper Wires
Seamless Pipes And Tubes